How does your garden grow?


At least that’s what I keep telling myself, even though yesterday had a forecast of snow. Not. Cool. Mother Nature.

However, that has not stopped me at all from tucking in as many seeds and plants as I can possibly get away with already. Not to mention all the plants completely taking over our mud room, waiting for the right time to go outside.

My little raised garden is all set up and already fully planted, because I am a crazy, impatient person. I also figure that the seeds probably know best, and they’ll come up when the time is right. Or they won’t, and I’ll just stick something else in there. Whatever. I definitely practice No Worries gardening. Shit happens. Whatever. Plant something else.

So far, my turnips are actually the farthest ahead. I also planted them like a drunk. Whoops. I’m going to take a stab at transplanting some of the ones I thin out once they get a little bigger. May work. May not. Whatever.

My strawberries are also doing great. I have no memory of how old these actually are. It’s probably about time to get new ones, but that sounds like a problem for Next Year Me. For some reason I planted the entire back of this bed with celery, which still hasn’t come up. Around all of the beds, I planted garlic, and peas across the back. Apparently garlic and peas don’t really like each other. TOO BAD. Both are starting to come up so they’re just going to have to deal with each other. The garlic is an effort to keep all the small critters out. I also put black netting over the top and so far I haven’t had any more digging. I also trip on it all the time and I’m sure that’s highly amusing for the neighbors. Enjoy!

Also sprouting are spinach, beets, broccoli, and radishes. Still waiting on the celery, lettuce, kale, carrots, and onions. I didn’t start the onions inside, so they may just be a fail. Whatever. The seeds were getting old and I just wanted them gone. Inside I have sunflowers, tomatoes, bell peppers, habaneros, basil, parsley, thyme, green onions, ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, baby’s breath, and gladiolus. I’m sure fiancé will be super excited when those all go outside.

For Easter we visited the fiancé’s family and they gifted us with a bunch of landscape plants they were moving or dividing. Fiancé also finished up two brand new flower beds for me yesterday, so I went bonkers today. 88 black eyed Susans and three neat purple things later, the house is almost fully planted!

I also planted 3 blue sea holly, which have THE weirdest bulb/root thing.

Other things are popping up and I can’t wait for everything to fill out and grow up! Enjoy a photo dump here at the end, and happy gardening everyone!

Don’t remember what these are but they’re darling.

My forsythia hedge is hanging in there! These are cuttings from the ones at the fiancé’s childhood home!

These planters ended up being a holding tank for all the bulbs I didn’t get in the ground in time, but now they’re so lovely!! I’m pretty sure I planted them with the same things, no idea why the crocus are so far ahead in one of them.

My love even mulched around my chicken coop for me so I don’t have to stand in the mud anymore ❤️ I have irises coming up on the side. I’m hoping I wasn’t dumb enough to plant them under the nest box access, but we’ll have to wait and see!!


Saturday Introductions with Sarah

Whew. I didn’t think the switch to daylight savings time had affected me at all until I got to the end of this week! *EXHAUSTED* We have so much planned to get done around the house this weekend but I definitely just slept past noon… whoops!

So in order to dither a little longer, I thought I would do a proper introduction and let you know what’s up in my life!

Hello. I’m Sarah. You won’t believe how far back in my camera roll I had to go to find a normal picture of me.

I’m definitely quirky, weird, and creative. This year, I turn 32! How did that happen? It’s like I’m an adult now or something?! I grew up as a military brat and moved all over the world. I spent a decade in Kentucky before landing here in Maryland, where I’ve been for 6 years now. I really loved moving around as a kid. Shockingly, it’s less fun as an adult when you actually have to do all the work.

I’m engaged! We’re getting married this year!

We took a trip to watch the solar eclipse last year, and my boyfriend proposed right after totality. It was magical and nerdy and amazing. We’re already looking forward to the next eclipse, and my family is thinking about going to Mexico to see it on the beach! This was our view for this one:

If you ever get a chance, Picken’s Nose in North Carolina is amazing!

Our wedding is in October, and I foresee plenty of wedding crafts being featured here!

We moved into our forever home!

We’re coming up on a year, but we had our forever-home built. As a military kid, this means a lot to me. I’m a *nester*, hard core. I want my house to be cozy, and happy, and make everyone in it happy. Currently it’s huge for us, but since we’re getting married this year we have every hope of expanding into it quickly! My dream is that we absolutely never have to move until we’re old and senile. It was also a great location compromise for us since it’s what I would consider rural suburban. We’re in the woods, on a big lot, but still close to civilization when we need it.

I have. So. Many. Animals.

My fiancé is a saint. He came into the relationship with zero animals. We now have a cat (Sebastian), a rabbit (Daisy), a parakeet (Birbie Sanders), three chickens (with more on the way), and a fish. I think that’s it? Who knows. I love a good zoo. I can’t lie. Animals make me happy and I usually like them more than people.

I work from home.

You’ve seen the pictures! My messy craft room is my office. I quit my part-time awesome job last year to work full-time building a historical clothing business with one of my best friends. It’s constant work, but we’re having a great time. You can check out what we do at our website.

That’s a quick down-n-dirty of what’s up in my world! I hope you’ll follow along to see what I get up to next!



A Slice of Life

Distracted. Domestic. DIY. These are three words that certainly describe my life.


Here I am. Certainly looking domestic and wholesome, although I swear enough for three people, never you fear. I spent the last few years of my life working and volunteering on historic farms, which certainly fit in well with both my distracted and DIY sides, as something different always needed to be done or made. Almost a year ago, I left my job at the above farm to work from home and start my own historic sewing business with another farmer friend. It also allows me more time for homemaking, which is the focus of this blog.

I love reading homemaker and crafter blogs, but I do always feel a bit like an imposter. These people are so *neat*. Their houses and offices are so *clean*. They get so much *done*.  They’re so *smart* and *introspective*. I searched for quite some time for some inspirational blogs that were also realistic, but there’s just not that much out there!

And so here we are.

Welcome to my life.


And yes, it usually looks like this. Cold coffee from the day before, piles of projects in progress, a creepy wig head, and a cat hiding and contemplating his trajectory towards my bird. Sigh.

As much as I want to be one of those people with a spotless workspace, with matching organizers and everything perfectly folded, I think it’s time to admit that’s just not me. I’m scattered and have millions of things in progress at a time. I can’t start one project, finish it, and then put everything back where it came from. Never. Gonna. Happen. I have an entire rack of historic clothing in progress, along with three bins of smaller pieces in bags (oooo so organized!)


Oh look. A stack of boxes that need to be put together to hold patterns. Also that green bin and Lowe’s box are filled with random, unfolded patterns.


I have a great closet for holding all of my finished costumes. Somewhere in there. I swear there’s a great closet under all that.

And me? Am I always put together, with a great Edwardian poof and some adorable chickens in my arms?


Unlikely. Here I am, covered in metallic leaf as I redo a frame (post on that coming soon!) IMG_1904.jpg

My lap is full of metallic leaf.


My tea is full of metallic leaf.

This is the normal state of my life. I hope if you identify with being a distracted domestic diy diva, you’ll follow along on my adventures!